I am a self-taught fine art landscape and nature photographer from Turkey. My journey in photography began related to my business as a travel agency owner and professional tourist guide. I travelled a lot around my country and I visited few of the iconic places of the earth. Therefore, I call myself as a travel photographer as well. During my voyages, I witnessed many times the magical power of light, shaping surreal landscapes. Recording those moments and sharing the stories behind every picture with my family and friends were my first steps to photography. Since then, I do photography as a matter of love, passion and addiction of being in the nature. I like to discover remote areas, pristine landscapes of this wonderful world and share my experiences with you.
I think I make photos because, it enforces the creativity, it changes the way I see the nature, it helps to protect the natural environment and the nature as a whole, it evokes the explorer nature of my soul. I feel that my inspiration is in the nature itself. Therefore, I continuously search for the balance/imbalance, harmony/disharmony, contrast of elements and different light conditions in the nature to compose my images.
Thank you for your interest in my work and hope you to enjoy my website…